Why you should have a hedgehog house in your garden!

by Cat Woods
hedgehog house by claire rigby

Hedgehog houses can provide shelter for these beautiful animals but they can also look stylish in your garden and act as a design feature. You can buy a ready-built house like the one below. It is made from recycled wood.

Or you can build your own house or create a more makeshift option using a pile of logs. Simply pile the logs in an unordered fashion and pad out the gaps with leaves. The below example is a wonderful upcycled hedgehog house, made by Claire Rigby from Momo’s Cafe CIC!

hedgehog house by claire rigby

Log piles are really great, not only do they provide shelter, they also provide food as they attract bugs and insects and they look pretty and natural. 

Having just one hedgehoug house in your garden would be brilliant, but, for an average size garden, Why not have up to three houses for these ovely lone travelling creatures. They’ll provide a safe environment for them all year round. A little bolt hole to keep coming back to. 

Want to know more?

If you’d like to learn more about how to encourage our prickly pals to use your garden as a home, I’ve also written an article on hedgehog highways, and an overview on how to help them in the garden.

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