The eco friendly reasons we use Momo’s cafe as our venue.

by Cat Woods
photo credit: Ian Bonnell

There are a million lovely reasons to visit Momo’s cafe in St. Helens, but I wanted to share with you all the ways in which Momo’s cares for the planet.

First and foremost Momo’s cafe uses sustainable teas and coffee. They think, where does the coffee come from? Does it cause deforestation? Is it grown sustainably and for a fair wage? 

They offer vegan and vegetarian options! One of the biggest ways a cafe can cut their carbon footprint and prevent deforestation is to reduce meat and dairy consumption, and many are eating less of it as a result. 

Most of what you see is upcycled, recycled you name it. Momo’s believes that the best thing you can do is reduce consumption in the first place to avoid using the earth’s valuable resources for production of new things. For things they can’t reduce, they opt for second-hand or reusable alternatives which minimise the need for more production and carbon emissions.

photo credit: Ian Bonnell

They do not sell bottled water, but participate in a local ‘water refill’ scheme where you can refill your bottle or cup with water for free. Again, always saving our valuable resources. 

Momo’s also use metal straws which can be used again and again. They are highly durable, and one straw can eliminate the need for hundreds of plastic ones. Well done Momo’s. 

photo credit: Ian Bonnell

Momo’s uses local trades and suppliers. Using local materials and products is important to create a sense of belonging, an emotional relationship between their people and our spaces. This level of engagement makes people feel comfortable at work, improving humans’ well-being and the environment. 

And have you visited Momo’s sensory garden? It’s a place of calm where bee-friendly plants, a bug hotel and birdfeeders boost biodiversity. 

photo credit: Ian Bonnell

Join us at Momo’s for our green skills workshops throughout the summer. 

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Veronica bond June 7, 2021 - 3:19 pm

Love this cafe 💕lovely staff very friendly


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