Newt night at Clock Face Country Park

by Cat Woods

We attended ‘Newt Night’ at Clock Face Country Park in St.Helens, organised by the lovely people at Merseyside bio bank.

Merseyside Biobank bring together data on wildlife in North Merseyside to drive better decisions for biodiversity and our local natural environment. 

The team were warm and friendly with a total mastery of their subject and with the gift that very few people possess – that of transmitting complicated information in a form that makes it understandable to the average person and to children.

I had my nephew (aged 6) in attendance who really thrived throughout the session. We learned all about newts and their habitat and waited for the sun to go down before we all lit up a pond with our torches to reveal the wildlife beneath. 

What made the experience that bit more special is that we got to do some bat detecting too. So the group managed to not only see both smooth and great crested newt , toads and diving beetles, but bats too! 

I’d really advise you to show them some love @merseysidebiobank and consider attending future events to learn something new about about nature and the environment. 

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