Hedgehog Highways explained.

by Cat Woods

What is a hedgehog highway?

A hedgehog highway is a series of holes in fences and walls that allow hedgehogs to pass freely between gardens, parks and allotments. 

Hedgehogs naturally roam over many gardens whilst foraging for food, finding mates and seeking out places to sleep. By allowing access between gardens and wilder areas (hedgehog gaps), we can all make a positive contribution to the welfare and future of these beautiful but endangered species. 

How to create a hedgehog highway?

Simply cut a 13 x 13cm (5.1 x 5.1 inches) hole in the bottom of your fence and encouraging your neighbours to do the same will allow hedgehogs to move freely between gardens

The future of hedgehog highways

A national housebuilder has joined forces with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and launched a fantastic campaign to protect hedgehogs and other creatures under threat at locations across the country. They will install hedgehog highways to its existing developments and all future sites wherever possible, as part of the campaign that will help our hedgehogs.

Get your hedgehog highway sign for only £3 at https://www.arkwildlife.co.uk/product/hedgehog-highway-sign/

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