About Us

Here at Green Town St Helens, we’re all about protecting Planet Earth.

Our activities and events revolve around nature, sustainability and the environment, to equip people with the skills for a healthier, happier, greener future.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Clothes Swaps

In the past we’ve run our famous clothes swaps and repair cafes, which have saved 1/2 a tonne of clothing from going to landfill. 

Eco living

We run creative consumption reduction workshops, empowering the community to take creative action on climate change. They are all about upcycling, zero waste and making DIY alternatives to mass produced everyday items and sharing skills that help us to become more sustainable. 

DIY Green Skills

Our green skills workshops are perfect for people who love a hands-on approach, teaching things like growing your own food, building terrarium’s and eco arts and crafts.

Local Environment
and Sustainability Events

For outdoorsy types, you can join us with local litter picking and foraging for edible plants

Local Biodiversity

And for animal lovers, we can introduce you to Beekeeping and to Hedgehogs, with help from local organisations like Haydock Hedgehog Helpers rescue and b4biodiversity

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