5 ideas for a green Valentine’s Day

by Cat Woods

Here are a list of ways to share the love with everyone you adore without hating on the environment.

Buy fair-trade and rainforest friendly chocolate

If you’re single or even if you’re not, this day will involved some sort of chocolate, but cocoa farming is associated with some serious ethical and environmental problems. That’s why it’s important to stick with fair trade chocolate. 

Consider a potted plant

Even better than cut flowers, why not give a plant that will last longer than a week? Another fun idea is to plant a new tree together and watch it grow over the years.

Craft a recycled Valentine’s card 

An old-fashioned homemade Valentine can be way more meaningful than something you can find in a shop. Consider turning scrap paper, pressed flowers, or fabric scraps into cool, handmade cards and tokens of affection.

Choose sustainable wine

When it comes to picking a wine, look for the organic label or the Rainforest Alliance seal.

Enjoy the outdoors!

For Valentine’s Day, in lieu of buying a gift, plan a trip to a park or nature area to enjoy the great outdoors.

What other ideas do you have for a green Valentine’s Day?  

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